Mail order marijuana, also known as MOM, has become one of the most popular options in Canada. Now that recreational use is legal throughout the country, many people prefer to order their marijuana online just as they might order a pizza or pair of jeans. It’s simple and convenient, but there are some other benefits that you may not realize until you give it a try.

Reasons to Order Mail Order Marijuana in Canada 
Why should you order your cannabis products online and have them delivered in the mail? There are a lot of reasons, and we’re going to discuss them one by one right now. 

MOM is Convenient 
You can’t get more convenient than ordering weed from the comfort of your home and allowing someone else to package and deliver it to your doorstep. You don’t have to interact with other people, or even greet a delivery driver on your porch. Just order and wait for your bud to arrive. 

MOM is Discreet
Picking up your own weed at a shop requires you to interact with others, including your fellow shoppers and workers at the shop or dispensary. MOM cuts out that social interaction. You can get your weed at home without anyone knowing what you ordered. Packages are plain and unmarked, so even the mailman doesn’t have to know what you bought. 

Mail Order Suppliers Often Have Larger Supplies 
Are you tired of seeing the same weed strains offered at all of your local dispensaries and delivery services? Have you heard about some really good strains that just aren’t available in your local area? If so, you may appreciate that mail-order marijuana suppliers often offer a wider variety of strains. Mail order is perfect when you want to order something new or see what’s popping up in other areas of the 
weed market. 

Mail Order Weed is Sometimes Cheaper 
Do you take a price-first approach to marijuana shopping? If you’re always looking for the best deal without compromising quality, you should check out some of the leading mail-order suppliers on Leafythings. While prices are sometimes cheaper with MOM, that’s not always the case. Take the time to compare prices with local dispensaries and delivery services before making your purchase. 

MOM is Safer than Some Delivery Services 
You have a few options when it comes to how you order your marijuana in Canada today. You can go to a dispensary with a good reputation between customers: this minimizes your risk of receiving synthetic marijuana or an otherwise contaminated and dangerous product. However, you won’t have the widest variety of strains and may pay more this way.

The second option is to use a delivery service operating in your area. While most delivery services offer clean products, you’re not always going to find the best prices because the product is the same whether you walk into the shop or have it delivered.

Then you have mail order marijuana. MOM suppliers are intensely competitive, so they strive to have the 
purest products at the best prices. They also make it easier for you to research and compare their 
products, so you’re likely to get a safer product at a competitive price when you go with mail order. 

How Do You Order Weed Online? 
Now that we’re clear on the benefits of MOM, how do you go about ordering high-quality cannabis products online and having them delivered by mail? It starts with the identification of online retailers currently shipping to your location. Leafythings can help you research those mail-order weed suppliers and compare them in terms of pricing, quality, customer service, and delivery times. 

Once you find a mail order delivery service with the products you want to buy at competitive prices, it’s time to shop and place your order. Each online retailer has its own policies in terms of minimum orders, delivery areas, and shipping prices. Make sure to compare all of these factors in addition to product quality and pricing. 

Place the items you want to purchase in your cart online and place your order. The ordering process is different for each online retailer. You should receive order confirmation through email and are all set. Just watch the mail for a discreet package containing your weed. 

MOM vs Weed Delivery Services 
Weed delivery is the biggest competition for MOM. You still get your marijuana delivered to your doorstep, but your driver brings it rather than having it shipped in the mail. The biggest advantage to a delivery service is the speed of arrival. Many of Canada’s delivery services now offer same-day or next-day weed delivery. 

Where MOM wins out over a delivery service is in discretion and sometimes variety. Delivery services are a bit more personal because you have a real person coming to your home to hand you the goods. They may also have fewer varieties and order quantities available than some large mail-order companies. 

Where Can I order Weed Online? 
Mail order marijuana is becoming more popular throughout Canada, which means new suppliers are entering the market at a higher rate. Where your home is located may determine how many companies are offering mail order delivery for you. 

Some of the best mail order marijuana companies in Canada right now include the following: 
● Hydro Green   
● Café Mail Order   
● Green Valley
● Pronto Delivery Services
You can find more MOM companies by searching the directory right here at Leafythings. We make it easyto compare prices and read reviews from other shoppers. Let us help you get the best bud at the best prices. After researching and comparing your options in our directory, you can visit the mail order service of your choice to place your order directly. 

When is MOM Most Beneficial? 
Most weed users order MOM at times while picking up their own weed or using a delivery service at other times. It’s best to use mail order companies when you don’t have time to deal with delivery or in-person shopping. Whether you’re sick and don’t want to leave the house or have a busy schedule, MOM is a lifesaver. 

You may also want to use MOM services when you simply can’t find what you need in your immediate area. If you can get what you want online and have it shipped, that is always better than settling for the next best thing. 

What are you missing by not ordering your weed online? We can show you. Check out mail order services right here on Leafythings.