Love the vape pens. Hits hard
ChampionE, 2 weeks ago
Favourite candy around. Always consistent and good taste
6ixSmoke, 2 weeks ago
Strong edibles. lots in a bag
VersaceGurl, 2 weeks ago
Tried their vape pens. Really strong and lot of smoke
DripShatter, 2 weeks ago
Top quality edibles at really good prices. Got a bundle deal for a few at my local shop. Tons of flavours
905Kush, 2 weeks ago
Got the cherries for free in promotion. Really happy with the taste and the high
SpikeLee, 2 weeks ago
These are the best edibles around. Glad to see them back at my shop
stonedsour, 2 weeks ago
Only thing that helps me sleep
shatterqueen, 2 years ago
Got a ton of different kinds. Really like the grapes. Gummy bear is good too
HazyGurl, 2 years ago
Got these from my local shop. These are the best edibles in oakville hands down
RosinSquish, 2 years ago
Strong edibles lots of different kinds i really like the grapes
chronicz34, 2 years ago
Super stoned and taste good
candygurl, 2 years ago