Ganja Bears Sour Assorted Flavours BC BUD XPRESS - BCBX $20 OFF FIRST PURCHASE | Canada

Type ( Edible )

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THC: 10 x 15mg THC Gummies per bag
Price Per Unit
Product Description

Ganja Bears Sour Assorted Flavours are the best-dosed medical, best-tasting edibles in the market. It is made from premium Terpenes extracted from the cannabis flower handcrafted. Each gummy bear is infused with 15 mg of pure food-grade cannabis oil with sourness that gives your mouth a good kick. The high-grade edible gummies last for 3 to 4 hours after 30 minutes of consumption without the effects of hangover.

Each pack has 10 gummies in 7 different sour flavours. You may be lucky to enjoy them all in one pack.

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