Ganja Grizzlies Regular Gummy Bears BC BUD XPRESS - BCBX $20 OFF FIRST PURCHASE | Canada

Type ( Edible )

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THC: 35 mg of THC per piece
Price Per Unit
Product Description

Ganja Grizzlies Regular Gummy Bears are produced in licensed and inspected facilities. Lab-tested at 35.10 mg THC per gummy, this sugary treat will surely give you the right kind of high that caters your mind and satisfies that I-want-some-candy craving. You can choose from six different flavours (blue raspberry, watermelon, green apple, strawberry, orange, and lemon) or get a pack with assorted flavours.

With its terpenes content commonly present in the cannabis flower, you’ll get some comfort in relieving pain and uplifting your mood with the right dose of Ganja Grizzlies Regular Gummy Bears.


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