1g Bubble Dawg (H) Live Resin Crumble Wax by KushKraft CAFE Mail Order | Canada

Type ( Concentrate )

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Genetics: Hybrid
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Live Resin Crumble Wax is produced in a way similar to other concentrates, like shatter and budder. The pre-purged oils used for live resin crumble wax generally have more moisture, a different temperature and a thicker consistency, which help to create the wax’s crumbling. It is said to take terpene contents to another level. Live resin crumble wax has been rising in popularity in recent years because of the strong aroma and flavour granted by a high terpene content. Approx THC 75-80% Bubbledawg is an amazing cross of Bubblegum and Chemdawg - this hybrid is a super smelling cannabis which won different prizes in Spain. The smell is an amazing mix of intensive bubblegum with small touches of Chemdawg, absolutely delicious.

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