OG SHARK SHATTER Cheap Bud Canada | Canada

Type ( Concentrate )

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THC: 25%
Genetics: Hybrid
1 Gram
Product Description

“OG Shark Shatter” is a rare strain that is usually found in Canada. The strain comes in an earthy, pungent aroma, which is mainly used for relieving nausea, pain, and sleeping disorders. It gives its user a high level of relaxation and happy feeling. It also helps in easing pain and stress while giving you a mild cottonmouth backlash.

Everyone loves a good mystery, and OG Shark Shatter brings rumours to the table like none other. Found mostly in Canada, where one can assume this strain originates, unknown breeders crossed what we think was Diesel and Blueberry. A strain that brings a nicely balanced set of effects, OG Shark is so good you won’t really care about who made it.

Packing a punch at a high of 25% THC, this strain is best left to the experts. Flavors and smells are similar, with berry, spice, skunk, and sweet earth all lingering in the room long after you take a hit.

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