Lots of good specials. Got free shipping and a free pen.
ChampionE, 2 weeks ago
Fast delivery. Got tracking same day. Lots of pen flavours to choose.
6ixSmoke, 2 weeks ago
Got candies for free. Lots in the bag. Taste like normal candy
VersaceGurl, 2 weeks ago
Vape pens are strong. Weed is good
DripShatter, 2 weeks ago
Delivery was fast. My order got shipped same day. Exactly how it should be
905Kush, 2 weeks ago
Great products. Ordered the 99 oz and got a few free edibles.
SpikeLee, 2 weeks ago
Fast delivery and a huge selection
stonedsour, 2 weeks ago
Owner's reply
This website scammed me of nearly $300 I put in an order with them for ~$270 about 4 months ago which was never delivered. I... Read more
Watacolter, 1 year ago
Owner's reply
great service and fas
Alvin9102, 2 years ago
Owner's reply
Candies worked really well and got free oreos
shatterqueen, 2 years ago
Owner's reply
Lots of different candies. Ordered bears and grapes. Very happy
HazyGurl, 2 years ago
Owner's reply
Fast delivery. Happy with service. Got free gummys first order.
RosinSquish, 2 years ago