Best deals I've found online and a huge selection.
krftdnr, 2 days ago
Customer service was excellent!
BigDaddyAx27, 1 week ago
Lots of products, Amazing quality and best deals!! Everythings amazing about the site, only thing I would change is being abl... Read more
Jcc_124, 1 week ago
Best place for deals...highly recommend Pink Sticky Icky
Badwolfcorp, 2 weeks ago
The one and only cannabis online service you will ever need! You will find everything from flower, to kief, to edibles, to ha... Read more
KrazyKd, 2 weeks ago
the ordering process is very smooth and i have never had a problem with the store
erik._18., 2 weeks ago
Fast delivery
Aman147, 2 weeks ago
Easy and fast ordering. Love them.
gbruce, 3 weeks ago
great order as always thanks
mikerules, 3 weeks ago
I’ve been buying from Flash Buds for years now. I’ve never encountered any issues in my experience, and they almost always ha... Read more
AllieB, 3 weeks ago
OK, so I don't know if this is saying too much but.... Wow, Flashbuds!! I'm a vaper, I no longer smoke cannabis rolled in b... Read more
mrallball, 3 weeks ago
Just received another order from Flash Buds. Service was quick and easy. The strains I ordered are great and they have a grea... Read more, 4 weeks ago