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Type ( CBD | Concentrate | Edible )

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CBD: 1000
Price Per Unit
Product Description

Brand: Your Elements 

Common Usage: Anxiety, Stress, Inflammation, Insomnia.

1 Gram Of 99.6% CBD Isolate.

Manufacturers often mix CBD Isolate into edible gummies, creams they can simply rub into their skin, or ingested as a power under the tongue for the most direct (and fastest) results. It also can be mixed into a drink, or sprinkled on food.

In general, taking CBD Isolate as a powder directly under the tongue is both the easiest and the most effective way of taking CBD Isolate. The treatment is odorless and tasteless, although many users do mix it with liquids (like teas and juices) and even food when they ingest CBD Isolate.


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