☢☣☢☣CHEMDAWG☣☢ ☢☣ THC:18-22% ▪Hybrid▪ ⭐$70/Half OZ's!!⭐ Mohawk Medibles CANADA WIDE DELIVERY | Canada

Type ( Flower | THC )

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THC: 18-22
Genetics: Hybrid
1 Gram
Product Description


ChemDawg  is a strong indica hybrid which always delivers a cerebral buzz! Commonly consumed by people for a variety of effects, ranging from exciteability to complete tranquility!  Aromas of Chemical, Diesel, Pine, and Earth, are all due to the abundance of terpenes within the flower. Pinene is a dominant terpene in this flower and is responsible for the pine and earth aromas. Pinene has been known to have antifungal properties which can help consumers who are tormented with athletes foot or nail fungus.
🔸THC Content 18-22%

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