🥇🥇 KING KUSH🥇🥇 THC:20-23% ▪90/10 Indica▪ ⭐$100/OZ'S!!⭐ Mohawk Medibles CANADA WIDE DELIVERY | Canada

Type ( Flower | THC )

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THC: 20-23
Genetics: Indica
Product Description


King Kush is a marvelous cross between OG Kush and Grape! This well flavoured , well rounded mix is tangy grape with undertones of lavender. This is due to the dominant terpene Limonene, which is also responsible for the mood  elevation and euphoria experienced when consumed! These are typical effects from cannabis strains high in limonene. This terpene can confer benefits towards anxiety and depression. Limonene can also administer stress relief and often will yield a more energetic experience! Digestive issues may be improved through limonene's potent antibacterial and antifungal effects also.
🔸THC Content 20-23%

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