Royal Haze Cartridges - Blueberry Haze Top Shelf Express | Canada

Type ( VapePen )

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THC: 95%
Genetics: Indica
Price Per Unit
Product Description

Royal Haze Blueberry vape tips contain two ingredients – lab tested 95% pure THC distillate and Flow Scientific terpenes. That’s it - no PG, VG, MCT Oil or other fillers. Combined with the Transpring A3-C vape tip it creates an easy intake and smooth delivery. Many brands don’t use branded vape tips and instead use cheap imitations with potentially dangerous heavy metals and other contaminates. You will notice the difference on the first inhale of a Royal Haze tip.

The blueberry is balanced just right not to sweet or tart and never over powering, enjoy one and taste and feel the difference.

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