Afghani Death (5 Star Gas) Tropic Exotic Fast Canada Wide Mail Order | Canada

Type ( Flower )

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THC: 34 CBD: 1
Genetics: Indica
Product Description

Afghan Death is a heavy Indica strain that originates from the Hindu Kush Mountains, Mazar-i Sharif region of Afghanistan. 

The Afghani Kush strain is potent with THC levels of 30%-34%. Its high affects your body, giving relaxation, sedating, uplifting and euphoric effects.

Afghani Kush Marijuana strain has a distinctive sweet floral with an undertone of earthy, Hash- like aroma. The flavour of the Afghan Kush strain is spicy, piney and herbal. It’s full-bodied, woody and reminiscent of the black harsh, derived from the flowers. 

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