*- INDICA - Shatter Bars (500mg) by Euphoria Extractions (Milk Chocolate) !SALE! Reg. $40 WiserBudto - Ontario | Canada

Type ( Edible )

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THC: 500mg
Genetics: Indica
Price Per Unit
Product Description

SHATTER BAR - Milk Chocolate

Type: Indica

Strain: Double Tap *Please note: Strain information can be found on the back of the shatter bar (Extract Batch: 0427DT20 / Production Batch: M4DTO51420) 

Included: 500mg THC per shatter bar / 24 pieces / 20.83mg THC per piece

Directions/Suggested Use: The high from edibles can feel more intense, and last longer than the high you get from smoking. They also take longer than smoking or vaping cannabis to kick in – typically around 30 to 60 minutes. It’s best to start with a low dose, and work your way up to a dose that produces the desired effect. 

It is recommended to eat 1 square of infused chocolate and wait up to 2 hours to feel its effects before consuming more. The experience can last several hours as edible THC typically produces more intense effects.

Shelf Life/Storage: Good for 1-3 months after opening. Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and heat. 

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