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Type ( Edible | THC )

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THC: 180mg
Price Per Unit
Product Description

Faded Cannabis Co. edibles are all lab tested for the THC/CBD percentage and are consistent in every batch for each session.  

  • Included: 180mg THC per package / 30mg THC per piece / 6 pieces per package
  • Directions/Suggested Use: Start with 1 dose (30mg per candy). Allow 45-90 minutes for effects to take place. Consume as desired.
  • Shelf Life/Storage: Good for 1-3 months after opening. Store in a cool, dry place.


Choose from the following:

  1. Gummy Bear Sours
  2. Strawberry Daze
  3. Sour Suckers
  4. Rainbow Sherbet
  5. Berry Blue Raspberry
  6. Grape Crush
  7. Peach Drops
  8. Cherry Bombs
  9. Fizzy Colas


For further details and more information, please visit our website at WiserBudTO.com.

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