Gold Coin 4 Piece Grinder (40mm) WiserBudto - Ontario | Canada

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Gold Coin 4 Piece Grinder (40mm)

An affordable favourite, the 4 Piece Fine-Toothed Herb Grinder in a Gold Coin Design. This Zinc Alloy 4 Layer Herb Grinder shreds your bud into a perfect consistency for rolling. Keeping your fingers clean and bowl evenly distributed. Just because it looks expensive, doesn't mean it has to be!

4 Piece Grinders have a kief screen and a kief catcher and come with a small keefer scraper to get all the good stuff. That means you can get all of the trichomes out of your herb and control when and how much of them to pack in your bowl.

How To Use: Take off the lid, break up the larger buds and put them into the grinder. Put the grinder lid back on and rotate about 10 times until shredded herb falls through the holes, and voila!

  • Material: High quality precision machined aluminum

  • Diameter: 40mm

  • Height: 35mm

  • Easy to use with a hand

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