BUD ROSIN ( Ace of Spades )(Indica) Green Heart Medicinals | Maple Ridge

Type ( Concentrate | THC )

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THC: 20%
Genetics: Indica
1 Gram
Product Description

Green Heart Medicinal’s Bud Rosin is a full spectrum cannabis concentrate made through an extraction technique that manipulates fine bud using pressure and heat without the use of added solvents. Our Bud Rosin, rival’s potency and purity of some of the most advanced hydrocarbon extracts on the market. This product is great for anyone looking for a heavy Indica-dominant concentrate. 

Playing off the love many people have for the sweet and sour combination tastes, the Ace Of Spades' strain comes from a cross between a female Black Cherry Soda and Jack the Ripper. This strain is mostly Indica, however, the effects of this strain start out like a Sativa, causing users to feel uplifted, happy and giggly. This smorgasbord of effects makes it a good choice for a ride range of body and mind ailments. Ace Of Spaces has a THC content of usually up to 20%.

Recommended Storage: To preserve potency and freshness when storing please avoid heat, moisture, air, and light if possible.

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