GELATO HASH Green Heart Medicinals | Maple Ridge

Type ( Concentrate )

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THC: 60%
Genetics: Hybrid
1 Gram
Product Description

Gelato Hash is a true hybrid hash. It is crossed with Blueberry Kush which means it has some seriously delicious flavor. This is a great product for both daytime and nighttime use as it gives both Sativa and Indica effects.

How To Smoke Hash
Hash can be smoked in many different ways depending on the user's preference. An easy way is to place the hash on top of the dried flower in a pipe or bong, or it can be sprinkled into a joint also. Please note this product is best smoked when on top of the floor and in the center of you’re bowl or joint, as it is much more likely to burn when too close to the edges. For more experienced users, a hash can be smoked with a hot knife, or added into a herb vaporizer.


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