INDICA CAPSULES - 1000mg (50mg x 20 capsules) Green Heart Medicinals | Maple Ridge

Type ( Concentrate | Edible )

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THC: 50mg
Genetics: Indica
Price Per Unit
Product Description

Green Heart Medicinals’ Indica THC capsules are a great alternative to smoking cannabis or edibles that contain sugar. Our Indica capsules are derived from only the highest quality 100% pure Indica strains making them high in potency.  Our Indica caps are great for patients looking for pain relief, decreasing anxiety and stress, reducing inflammation, spasms and seizures, stimulating appetite, relief from arthritis, and many other medical conditions. Having trouble getting a good nights’ sleep? These capsules are especially great for patients with insomnia and/or other sleeping problems. Ideal for evening/nighttime use.

Recommended Dosage: Do not take more than 1 capsule at a time. It is recommended you wait at least 60-90 minutes before increasing the dosage. Cannabis affects everyone differently depending on tolerance. Do not mix with alcohol. 

Warning: This product may have come in contact with foods containing wheat, nuts, soy, dairy, and other known allergens.

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