SHATTER ( Northern Lights ) Green Heart Medicinals | Maple Ridge

Type ( Concentrate )

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Genetics: Indica
1/2 Gram
Product Description

Green Heart Medicinals’ Shatter is a concentrated form of Cannabis, derived from pure Cannabis extracts which means that it contains a 90% plus cannabinoid content. Shatter is produced by extracting THC and CBD cannabinoid compounds from the actual Marijuana plants.  The finished result is a BHO extracted cannabis extract, “Shatter” that has an amazing taste and light aroma. Its honey glass-like structure makes it a breakable cannabis extract product. Shatter is high in THC which makes it especially potent.

Northern Lights is known to be one of the purest Indica strains around with a 95:5 Indica: Sativa ratio making this a highly sedative strain. Accompanying this body high is a nice sense of well-being and happiness. Some users are instilled with increased levels of creativity and focus. 

May Relieve: Anxiety, Stress, Chronic Pain, Arthritis, Depression, Fatigue, Migraines, Loss Of Appetite, Nausea, 


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