THC BOTTLE CAPS (10mg x 5 gummies) 50mg Green Heart Medicinals | Maple Ridge

Type ( Edible )

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THC: 10mg
Genetics: Hybrid
Price Per Unit
Product Description

THC Bottle Caps by Green Heart Medicinals’ are premium quality gummies infused with only the highest quality THC cannabis oil. These Bottle Caps may be small, but are full of flavor and potency- each pack contains grape, cherry and orange flavours. Try these gummies for a full-body relaxed, and calming experience. These gummies are can be used in either the morning/day-time, or the evening/night-time depending on experience, and symptoms.

Ingredients: sugar, juice from concentrate, unflavoured gelatin, flavoured gelatin, agave syrup, vegetable glycerin, MTC oil, decarboxylated THC



Recommended Storage: Keep Refrigerated

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