Lambs Bread Green Dream Wellness | Surrey

Lambs Bread Green Dream Wellness | Surrey

Type ( Flower )

Type ( Flower )

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THC: 27
Genetics: Sativa
1 Gram
2 Gram
Product Description

Legendary Sativa popularized by the likes of Bob Marley and Peter Tosh, Lamb’s Bread (at times called “Lamb’s Breath” or “Lambsbread“) is a skunk variety, with an extremely uplifting and creative Sativa high.

Golden Green nugs with a tremendous amount of Trichromes. In Kingston, Jamaica ganja is a way of life, Bob Marley is king, and having a good time is the word of God. So trusting that Bob himself loved this strain.

Is a sativa strain, its effects are mostly cerebral.

You will not feel tired but you will feel focused and energized with the strain. However, it is recommended for morning use and can do wonders for patients suffering from anxiety, stress and even depression.

27% THC

Effects: Happy, Energetic, Uplifted, EuphoricCreative

Medical: Stress, Depression, Fatigue, Inflammation, Pain

Flavours:  Earthy, Woody, Spicy/Herbal

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