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There are so many places to buy weed from. I’ve been ripped off and unhappy so many times since weed became legal. But I am a... Read more
Holly86, 1 week ago
Best prices, best weed, best hash.
Stellaartoissss, 2 weeks ago
Ever since I started smoking weed I’ve been searching for a place like this. Better weed than dispensary best prices free and... Read more
Underthestars9999, 3 weeks ago
Best weed I’ve smoked. Black Tuna Got me so high. And my ounce was only $100. Then the driver tells me that I only need to bu... Read more
Tml4life, 1 month ago
Stop wasting your money at the dispo and start buying from Free Bc Weed great quality and greater prices everytime with fast ... Read more
IsaiahP, 2 months ago
Best weed I’ve had in a long time. Prices so cheap they’re unreal. This place is old school and I love it.
Bbbvcdcvbc, 2 months ago
Free BC Weed is amazing! The weed is fire and The staff are patient, polite and understanding. This place rocks! Highly reco... Read more
EllyPara, 2 months ago
I’m an experienced stoner and I’ve never come across weed this good for such great prices. My bag of mku had zero shake, gian... Read more
StephBall, 2 months ago
Free BC Weed has fantastic customer service, a great selection of fine product and an amazing delivery time. That's all anyon... Read more
Kskfienccc, 3 months ago
Open early so I was able to meet driver on my way to work. Exchange was quick and got what I needed. Looks and smells outstan... Read more
Firecracker , 3 months ago
Stellar weed. Everything was perfect.
ChadStarks, 3 months ago
10 minute delivery. Fire weed. Can’t complain.
Ganjafrank, 3 months ago


High quality BC weed. High THC and potent.

As Keswick’s best delivery only dispensary, we  guarantee that we always have the freshest and latest strains. 

Our menu updates almost daily so be sure to frequently visit this page for the most up to date items. 

None of the competitors update as frequently as we do!

Here at FREE BC WEED we pride ourselves at offering amazing products at unbelievable prices. Weed lovers shouldn't have to go broke because  business owners and government peeps are greedy.  We challenge everyone to find cheaper prices elsewhere for the stuff we have on our menu. 

On top of our super low prices, we offer customers even more reason to choose us as their cannabis supplier. After buying a total of 7 ounces, you will get any ounce you want for FREE. It's all about loyalty. You don't have to buy them all at once. Every order counts towards your total. Even half ounces and quarters. FREE and FAST delivery in Keswick, Ontario. Text 289-383-3084 to place orders. 

Delivery also available to Sutton, Jackson's Point, Baldwin, Virginia, Pefferlaw, Port Bolster, Udora and Willow Beach for an extra $10 (Delivery fee). Delivery also available to Newmarket and Mt. Albert for a an extra $20 (Delivery fee).

Minimum order $15

Pick-up is avaible in Keswick, Text 289-383-3084 to place orders!

Upcoming strains to get excited about - please let us know what you’d like to try the most.


3 In The Pink AAA+ 27.20% THC

Pre 98 Bubba AAA+ 26.62% THC

Ice Wreck AAA+ 26.31%thc

Tom Ford Pink AAA 25.68% thc

Platinum Cookies AAA 25.44% THC

Space Cookies AAA 25.67% THC

Pink Rockstar AAA+ 27.04%thc

Tom Ford Pink AAA+ 26.77% thc

Cookies & Cream AAA+ 26.77% thc

MK Ultra AAAA 28.48% THC

Animal Face AAA 26.71% THC

Khalifa Kush AAAA+ 28.69% THC

Grease Monkey AAA 26.68% THC

Pink OG Wreck AAA+ 26.48%thc

Black Tuna AAA+ 26.88% thc

Godfather AAA 26.63%thc

Mercedez Stamp Black Hash















Glenwoods and the queensway south, Georgina / Keswick, Ontario, L4p3j4
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* Hours of operation are listed in the business’ timezone
Glenwoods and the queensway south, Georgina / Keswick, Ontario, L4p3j4