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Genetics: Indica
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⛽⛽⛽Take it slow with this one and try not to over dose otherwise you may end up falling asleep.

✅Grown In Nelson,British Columbia 

✅Hand Crated 

✅Grown in 11 weeks !!!!!

✅15 days Cured!!!!

✅Very Exclusive Gas

✅Sticky Test Pass

✅DIZZY if you hold your breath   

✅Not for day time smoking if you want to be productive


Greasy Pink is a indica strain that provides users with a heavy high that hits the mind and body, which comes from the cross of Bubba Kush and Pink Kush. 

⛽As soon as you take your first hit of this flower you will feel the effect come on right away. The beautiful heavy stone leaves users relaxed and chilling.

⛽⛽We suggest consumers to stick to this flower at night time for its sedative effects that leave most users either stuck on their couch watching tv or lost in the fridge. With the potent effects, anyone dealing with symptoms of pain, stress, depression or anxiety will feel instant relief.


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April 20th 2021 - 04:30:16 PM

April 20th 2021 - 04:30:16 PM


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May 16th 2021 - 06:18:26 AM

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