Euphoria Extraction Shatter bar - Toffee Crunch 500mg Sativa Barrie Pot | Barrie

Type ( Edible )

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Genetics: Sativa
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The primary source of the effects produced by consuming Cannabis comes from their abundance of Cannabinoids. There are over 100 different Cannabinoids found in the Cannabis plant, most of them located in the female flowers. Each Cannabinoid has a different effect on your body and mind.

Alone, many of them may not have much effects at all. It is when they are combined in a full spectrum solution that the powerful effects of Cannabis can be utilized to its fullest potential.

The ideal edibles dose depends on a lot of things, including tolerance, individual body chemistry, and the desired experience. But there are some basic guidelines that can help you find the right dose of cannabis edibles, which are measured in milligrams.

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