*MANALI CREAM HASH Medicinal Tokes Delivery Service | Bowmanville

*MANALI CREAM HASH Medicinal Tokes Delivery Service | Bowmanville

Type ( Concentrate )

Type ( Concentrate )

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2 Gram
Product Description

Lovely dark-chocolate brown, with a slight greenish tint to to the outter layer. Quality looks baby! Thinly cut, it bends easily with no trouble. Barely any visible plant material and no outside contaminants. It looks smooth and pure.


Rich and earthy with a bit of spice thrown in. When burned a finer and sweeter scented smoke fills the air.


The flava is much like the smell. It is like a bit of Japanese Teriyaki beef; sweet, salty and peppery at the same time. A slight resin forms real low in the throat. I tossed back an ice-cold Corona at "the Lounge" and this really balanced the oils nicely.


This high is really time-oriented. Your senses seem deadened, much like when you are too drunk. More of a body-high with this one; you get a bit heavy-headed and clumsy. I really wanted to put my head down on the bar after a full joint. I had Lead Legs; my legs were crossed and below the knee it felt like my foot was glued to the floor!

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