GasGang - Vape pen(1000mg)-BUY 2 $40 each Astropink & Astro Xo Delivery | Hamilton

Type ( VapePen )

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THC: 99.6
Price Per Unit
Product Description


Candy cane- indica
Cotton candy kush-indica
King Louis XIII-indica
Blueberry pie-indica
Crush orange- sativa
Cup Cake delight-indica
Jolly rancher -hybrid
Hubba bubba-sativa
Root beer-sativa
Pot father jack herer-sativa
Ice cream cake-indica
Pineapple Express-hybrid
Forbidden fruit-sativa 
Unicorn ****-hybrid
Blue dream-sativa
Trix- indica
Mango og-hybrid
Pina colada-sativa
Lucky charms -hybrid sativa Dominant 
Super lemon haze-sativa
Bruce banner-indica 
Runtz- hybrid
Rockstar kush -indica
Special blend-hybrid
Wedding cake-indica
Pink kush-indica
Blue slushie-indica
Super man Og-indica
Grape-hybrid sativa Dominant 
Green apple -hybrid
Strawberry banana -indica 
Mint chocolate chip -hybrid
Gods gift-indica 
Northern lights -indica 

NOTE - BUY 2 FOR $80

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