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Easily my top recommended on the leafy things app. Friendly people on the phone end. I ask alot of questions and they've neve... Read more
Gather3r, 3 months ago
I love this high quality weed dispensary
Myriam23, 11 months ago
Great experience. Top notch bud, gummies and even got a free eighth of killer red leb hash with purchase of the bud and gumm... Read more
KHHgG221, 1 year ago
Absolutely incredible!! Always great quality and customer service!! :]
Mouthbones , 1 year ago
These guys never disappoint. Get some bud from them every few days and they never diss appoint their shit ridiculous. Got som... Read more
Akshaybshah00, 1 year ago
This place is amazing I can't get enough and the customer service is next level,and the drivers are crazy fast wow bravo to y... Read more
Dylen parrondo-martin, 1 year ago
Coming from a guy who has tried every delivery service in Hamilton, St Catharines, and Ancaster/Burlington, Tree Huggerz is b... Read more
Element4779, 2 years ago
Great selection, professional and has something for everybody.
shaz6235, 2 years ago
DUDE im so tired & DONE with switching dispensaries all the time i am very picky with weed because i get sick if i dont smoke... Read more
zebbu khan, 2 years ago
Very FAST, always understanding, customer service is super blessed!! this is the only place you should be buying trees from, ... Read more
jerry420, 2 years ago
Fast replies, good service, good ETA timing, and great quality weed for the right price. Plus free gifts!
zaka420, 2 years ago


IPHONE GIVEAWAY -> Order over $100 for a chance at winning an Iphone! More details here!

Tree Huggerz is a craft cannabis company. Supplying the best and most sought-after products on the market! We stock Cali Style Exotic flowers and some of the best classic "gassy" strains from British Columbia! We also have some in-house grown flowers for your enjoyment. We try to find as many Organic products as possible. We strive to keep a wide variety of products like a Wine List so we got something for every type of Stoner! 

How to order

1. Text order to 289-273-6567

In the text include :
A) Delivery Address
B) quantity and strains or products
C) delivery instructions (leave at the door, 10min heads up, discreet, etc...)
D) payment type ( cash, PayPal, most cryptocurrency  ex. BTC, ETH, BNB, ADA, xrp plus more!!!

EMT is Subject to $3 FEE, Cash Prefereed

2. Send a photo of your ID and a selfie to our number via text. (First Time Customers ONLY)

3. Wait for a response from our driver!

**Minimum order $40 

**$10-$20 Delivery  May apply to Surrounding Cities 

Norfolk st N & Main St W, Hamilton, Ontario
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08:00 AM - 12:00 AM
08:00 AM - 12:00 AM
08:00 AM - 12:00 AM
08:00 AM - 12:00 AM
08:00 AM - 12:00 AM
* Hours of operation are listed in the business’ timezone
Norfolk st N & Main St W, Hamilton, Ontario