🍋🍋💨LEMON HAZE💨🍋🍋 THC:23-25% ▪70/30 Sativa▪ ⭐$70/Half OZ's!!⭐ Mohawk Medibles ⭐KINGSTON DELIVERY⭐ | Kingston

Type ( Flower | THC )

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THC: 25
Genetics: Sativa
Product Description


A blend of Lemon Skunk and Silver Haze results in the ever popular Sativa-Dominant Hybrid.This astounding flower gives rise to a major constituent terpene called Bisabolol. Bisabolol boasts high antimicrobial properties, which directly contribute to treating fungal infection. Ocimene terpenes within the flower are also responsible for the floral, citrus, lemon, sweet, herbaceous aromas. Patients opt for Lemon Haze as it also provides steady focus and withstanding energy.🔸THC Content 25%

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