Bubba Kush (Sativa DOM) $120 OZ Dayz Gumby's Ganja and Full melts | Kitchener

Type ( Flower )

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THC: 23.58%
Genetics: Hybrid
Product Description

Batch Date: June 21, 2021

DISCLAIMER: entry trips.. super sticky + dank bubba kush nose.. like death bubba.. potent and fire for price.. super killer and sexy tested @ 23.58% THC.. burns amazing..

Cosmic Kush is a sativa-dominant strain from MTG Seeds, who crossed Cosmic Charlie and Piña Collision into a fusion that boasts both flavor and potency. The exhale releases a tropical medley of pineapple and kiwi that hints at the Pineapple in this strain’s lineage. Uplifting and euphoric, Cosmic Kush offers a brighter outlook for those suffering from stress and depression.

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