Race Fuel OG AAAA++(Hybrid) PUFFY’S | Leamington

Type ( Flower )

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Genetics: Hybrid
Product Description

A strain with several names, Race Fuel OG combines potent phenotypes for one strong strain. Evenly balanced in effects, she was created by Archive Seeds by crossing OG Kush and Face Off OG. Also simply called Race Fuel, this strain can be hard to come by, but the search is well worth it.

Both new and experienced users can glean a great high from Race Fuel OG, as an average of 17% THC is enough for everyone. Nugs are very dark and fat with minimal pistils to speak of but enough blue-toned trichomes to make up for it. Definitely a savoury smoke, you’ll be treated to notes of citrus, pine, and diesel all wrapped up in a spicy blend that might take some getting used to. If you’re prone to coughing fits when smoking, this one might be best suited for your vape.

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