Hey 1st time im gonna buy and hey prices are good n deals as well. Im about to order astro pink n enjoy it
Pablo87, 7 months ago
Ordered on xmas for the first time, great quality bud.
Paul420, 9 months ago
For the price point, it doesnt get any better. i've moved from mississauga which was flooded with astro pink, some real some... Read more
spoodaman, 9 months ago
I've bought some astro from other companies before at a much higher rate. am very suprised at this price point that it was t... Read more
dualblade, 9 months ago
This is actually the cheapest superquad on the market... compared to all the other companies their asking 320-360/oz. at this... Read more
j.tri93, 10 months ago
Jesus christ, I think I just saw god finishing a joint with this. I’m gone before I even know it! god damn high potency bud
Miko88, 10 months ago
I got so high I put the Cup in the fridge and the juice in the sink
theboy, 10 months ago
This **** is strong. I was prepared to get fucked up, but I got sent to outer space
MikeyTran, 10 months ago