WHITE SUMO AAAA+ Green Grass Oasis | Oshawa

Type ( Flower )

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THC: 25%
Genetics: Sativa
Product Description

White Sumo is a rare slightly sativa dominant hybrid strain (60% sativa/40% indica) created through crossing the classic Sumo Tangie X White OG strains. White Sumo definitely has some massive oversized buds, with rounded and super dense olive green nugs dotted with purple undertones and amber hairs. Each nug is totally covered in frosty bright amber crystal trichomes and sweet sticky resin.

 White Sumo is moderately potent and can be enjoyed by most. This cannabis is good for day and evening time use .The high comes on with an energetic rush of euphoria that fills your mind with a sense of creativity and focus. As your mind soars to new heights of motivation and ease, your body will melt away into a heavy couch-locked state that lasts for hours on end without relief.

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