[High Voltage] Vape Cartridge - "Rockstar Tuna" - PURE SAUCE (1G) The Vault Cannabis Co. | Peterborough

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Genetics: Hybrid
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High Voltage Extracts creates top-line Canadian terp sauce & live resin from premium cannabis extracts made from flower grown in beautiful British Columbia. These Sauce Carts are a HTFSE concentrate that capture the pure terpene essence of the cannabis flower. High Voltage Extracts PURE SAUCE Cartridges are filled with High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract (HTFSE) aka Sauce

Rockstar Tuna Strain: Rockstar Tuna, or Tuna Kush, is a new strain that’s been making big waves. A cross between the classic Rockstar and the heavyweight Tuna Kush, Rockstar Tuna is known for its high potency and intense high. While it’s a hybrid, the high, taste, and appearance manifest its indica lineage. Hailing from British Columbia, this strain has been making its way across North America, becoming more and more popular each day. For those looking for a knockout strain, Rockstar Tuna delivers a **** of a punch.

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