🍒⛽️CHERRY NUKEN⛽️🍒 100$/OZ (350$ for 4 ozs) Loud Labs | Peterborough

Type ( Flower )

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THC: 29.5 CBD: 2.5
Genetics: Hybrid
2 Gram
Product Description

This is Our Famour Cherry Nuken! This is one of our Best Selling Strains, people just can't seem to get enough of it!

 The Cherry Nuken is A 70/30 Hybrid! (70% Indica-30%Sativa) it's an absolute crowd favourite, it's the perfect bud for the day time or at work smoker, it's got that indica kick that us indica lovers need 🙈😅 but yet that up beat happy almost energetic sativa buzz that makes it perfect for the All Day Smoker! 
And the best part is that it's 145$ an oz but we just got a a really good deal so we're passing it on to our  customers and selling it on sale while supply's last for 100$ an oz and 60$ per 1/2 OZ 40$ Per Quarter & 25$ per 1/8th with free delivery! You can't go wrong with this nice an fruity+Potent Bud!





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