SUPER DEATH BUBBA [AAA] INDICA 26% THC (Buy 1oz get 1/2 oz for FREE!!) DANK STREET COLLECTIVE | Toronto (East)

Type ( Flower )

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THC: 26%
Genetics: Indica
Product Description

Super Death Bubba is bred by crossing Bubba Kush and Death Star, coming in at 70/30 Indica-dominant ratio, Death Bubba takes you for a bit of a wild ride.

Vancouver, BC is known for its beautiful landscapes and unbeatable seafood, but now it’s time for Canada to be known for Super Death Bubba. With sky-high THC levels, greater than 26% in some cases, this richly green and purple nug is likely to leave you in a waking coma, if you manage to stay awake. This dank bud is covered in white trichomes and brown hairs and smells of pine and musk. Rounding out the flavour with lemon zest and spiced rum makes this strain great as a tasty nightcap.

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