"Cookie Breath"- Rosin Vape Cartridge *** 0.5 ML - $27.50 *** Next Level Leafs | Toronto (East)

Type ( VapePen )

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THC: 90
Genetics: Hybrid
Price Per Unit
Product Description

Solvent-free full spectrum extract vape cartridge - strain specific COOKIE BREATH, an evenly balanced hybrid organic hash rosin. This high potency extract provides users with a tranquil experience filled with next level relaxation!  A rare strain that brings the best attributes of all hybrids into one, Cookie Breath will instantly become your new favorite. This is a high-strength extract. Beginners, beware.We are lucky enough to have teamed up with some expert Rosin makers with years of experience perfecting their craft. We start with providing the extractors with the best quality Cookie Breath Hash.

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