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THC: 29
Genetics: Hybrid
Product Description


1 OZ regular price: $260

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1/2 OZ regular price: $140

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Guava Cake is a sativa hybrid strain of cannabis created through a ‘back-cross’ of the more iconic Gold Leaf strain. Guava Cake flower has spade-shaped buds with amber hairs, as well as a layer of purple-tinted crystal trichomes and a coat of resin.

The high from Guava Cake is plain delightful, with a super giddy overtone that leaves you in the best mood of your life, before you fade away into a long and peaceful slumber. You’ll feel an influx of happy, creative energy at the onset of the high, that fills your mind and body with a giddiness that quickly turns unfocused. Soon after that, you’ll feel it take a sudden sedative turn that leaves you drifting off before you know it.

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