Purple Dream AAA+++(50/50 Hybrid) PUFFY’S | Windsor

Type ( Flower )

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THC: 25
Genetics: Hybrid
Product Description

Like floating on a cloud in a sea of possibilities, Purple Dream marijuana strain has a way of taking you on a vacation right in your own living room. Unknown breeders have created this well-balanced 50/50 hybrid strain by crossing Granddaddy Purple and Blue Dream, with some variations on the market claiming to be a mix of Blue Dream and Purple Kush. With a delightful scent and effects that take you to la-la land, Purple Dream is loved by many.

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September 9th 2021 - 11:37:52 PM

September 9th 2021 - 11:37:52 PM

Very good flavor. Good punch for a hybrid . Would get again.