Oz of Premium Kief West Coast Green Windsor | Windsor

Type ( Flower )

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Product Description

Premium Kief

Vaporize, Make Hash, Add to a Joint, Infuse Meals, or Make Moonrocks


you can easily make hash out of kief without getting your hands sticky. You just
need to apply heat and pressure in another way. Once you turn it from a powder
into solid hash chips, it’ll be much easier to smoke out of a bowl. High-quality
hash oil or full melts are best used in a dab rig with one of the best quartz


One of the most fun ways to make use of your kief stash is to make moonrocks.
Moonrocks are usually one of the most expensive nugs you’ll find on a dispensary
menu. They aren’t a strain. They’re a mix of various cannabis products.

Traditional moonrocks consist of three components. Full nugs of girl scout
cookies, rolled in cannabis concentrates and dipped in kief

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