Pink Floyd Weed Delivery Express | Woodbridge

Type ( Flower )

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Genetics: Sativa
Product Description

Medicinal Effects: After this delightful blend, the high is very stimulating and in cases illuminating. It can be used to treat multiple sclerosis pains, glaucoma, arthritis, nausea, migraines and depression.

Aroma/Flavour: Pink Floyd provides a pleasant and stimulating head high that is augmented by delicious flavors and tastes of lemon, pine, berries, and spice.

Strain Profile: Sativa dominant Strain. A cross between Critical Mass and Fruity Haze. THC composition - 20% to 25%.

Effects and Usage: The strain isn’t just a great smoke when needing a little pick-me-up, it’s also one to pull from the stash jar when wanting to illuminate the senses.

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