12" Cheech Glass Stemless Blue/Black Sandblast Rig With 14mm 90 Degree Slurper Quartz Ban Kush Leaf | Woodstock

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Cheech Glass Stemless 12" Tall Multicolor Sandblast Tube including 14mm 90 Degree Slurper Quartz Banger


  • The joint and bucket are fully-worked (instead of welded) which makes the banger significantly more durable. 

  • The top cup is beveled so the top marble rest flawlessly on top as the carb cap.  The bottom dish is the surface that gets heated up and dabbed on.

  • The three slits on the bottom are what allows airflow into the lower chamber of the slurper and the pill-shaped terp bead does a perfect job of retaining heat & vaporizing your concentrates.

  • We chose the best types of marbles and terp pearls to use with this sluper for premium flow and efficiency. 

  • 14mm 90 degree male quartz banger

  • High Quality Material. 

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