Origin/Genetics of Cookies and Cream
This delicious beauty was developed by Exotic Genetix and turned a lot of heads when it won 1st place in the 2014 Denver Cannabis Cup in the Hybrid category. It is a cross of Starfighter × Girl Scout Cookies × an unknown strain that only the breeders at Exotic Genetix know.

Physical Form
Large, bulky buds that have a rough, crispy texture but is very dense and spongy when squeezed. Strong earthy colours of dark forest green and tones of brown. Soft pale orange hairs are shown in spots in little bunches and is generously covered in thick, dusty crystals.

Fragrance of Cookies and Cream
You will instantly fall in love with the warm, inviting, sweet vanilla ice cream scent. It has the power to put you in a trance and completely draw your attention away from whatever you were just engaged in. The soft, fresh earthy undertones blend in beautifully and help enhance an already incredible aroma and breaking up the buds intensifies it even more. A soothing, heavenly scent.

Flavours of Cookies and Cream
The flavour takes on the same wonderful characteristics the aroma brings with a sweet vanilla flavour that has thick, smooth, creamy smoke and creates an ice cream like flavour that is to die for. You can taste a nutty flavour in the aftertaste and in the back of your throat and pairs nicely with the mild earthy taste left behind. Your lips remain tasting sweet & sticky with its strong vanilla tones for long-lasting flavour. It is a taste that many have fallen in love with instantly.

An almost instant warm, happy feeling comes over you. A relaxing tingling sensation flows through your body in tiny waves and gives you a crisp, fresh feeling. Your senses feel heightened and give you a feeling of having a strong, warm aura surrounding you. It also gives a warm feeling on the inside, like a cup of hot chocolate. A very balanced strain, you are met with a smooth, relaxing experience that provides enough happy energy to keep you off the couch, and enough soothing, blissful effects to feel loose and relaxed. These strong characteristics are what catapulted this strain to stardom and will keep it a favourite for years to come.

Health Benefits of Cookies and Cream
Cookies & Cream has been looked to from many to treat a number of mental and mood disorders. There have been many reports of it relieving levels of stress, depression, OCD, ADD/ADHD, & PTSD. Others have claimed it can help with inflammation, muscle spasms, cramps & chronic pain.

A beautifully balanced 50/50 Hybrid with a THC content that is tested between 20% - 26%. There have been reports of it reaching as high as 28%.