Introducing Dom Jackson, where a true passion for cannabis meets artisanal craftsmanship. Nestled within their micro-cultivation facilities, Dom Jackson grows the finest craft cannabis strains, meticulously tending to each plant from seed to harvest. Dom Jackson’s commitment to quality shines through in every step of the process, ensuring that only the most premium cannabis reaches their discerning clientele.

At Dom Jackson, they embrace traditional methods, opting for hang drying and hand trimming to preserve the integrity of each bud. Each of their premium cannabis products is carefully hand-rolled and hand-packaged with love, ensuring that every customer receives a piece of Dom Jackson’s passion and dedication. This personal touch sets Dom Jackson apart and makes every interaction truly special.

As true connoisseurs themselves, Dom Jackson understands the importance of authenticity and transparency. They strive to cultivate trust and confidence in every strain they offer, from seed to shelf. Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or a curious newcomer, Dom Jackson invites you to explore a world of premium craft cannabis. Elevate your senses and indulge in the artistry of cannabis cultivation with Dom Jackson.

Discover Dom Jackson’s Premium Strains

Dom Jackson currently has two available strains on the market, Banjo and Ghost Banner. Each crafted with the utmost care to provide a unique experience.


A savoury hybrid cross of Boost and Tangelo, Banjo is a stimulating flower perfect for enhancing mood and improving outlook. It emits an odd aroma of freshly grated cheese and tangerine zest, but the flavour is sweet and piney. After this strain's euphoria has settled, the slow body melt begins. Banjo is currently available in a pack containing three pre-rolls, each with 0.5g.

 Ghost Banner  

Ghost Banner is an indoor-grown, hang-dried, hand-trimmed, and non-irradiated true legacy genetic strain. Bruce Banner x Ghost OG is a potent hybrid strain that offers earthy, pine, and citrus notes with a subtle sweetness. The buds are vibrant green with fiery orange pistils and a frosty trichome layer. Ghost Banner is currently available in 3.5g Jars and a pack containing three pre-rolls, each with 0.5g.

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 Join us in celebrating Dom Jackson's artistry and craftsmanship. Whether you're enjoying their Banjo or Ghost Banner strains, each experience is a testament to their dedication to quality and passion for cannabis. And don’t forget to take advantage of the chance to launch your summer in style with Dom Jackson and Leafythings!


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