Oh the humanity! Snoop Dogg dropped a bombshell on social media in a plot twist that left fans scratching their heads and probably reaching for the nearest snack. The iconic rapper, who has practically made a career out of being the unofficial ambassador of all things Leafythings, declared, "After much consideration & conversation with my family, I've decided to give up smoke." Hold on, did someone hack into Snoop's Instagram, or is this the beginning of a hip-hop apocalypse?

Snoop Dogg, the man who once proudly claimed to have turned the White House into a hotbox, has decided to part ways with his beloved Mary Jane. For years, the rapper has been the face of the cannabis movement, launching ventures left and right that were as green as the leaves on his favourite plant. From "Merry Jane," his pot-focused media company, to a line of cannabis products called Leafs by Snoop that probably made Cheech and Chong jealous, Snoop has been the ganja guru we all looked up to.

After dropping the news, Snoop quickly followed up with a plea for privacy. "Please respect my privacy at this time," he posted, leaving fans in suspense. Is Snoop really putting down the plant, or is this a clever marketing ploy for his next album? The mystery deepens.

Social media erupted with reactions ranging from shock to sheer disbelief. Fans flooded Snoop's feed with messages like, "Is this a sign of the apocalypse?" and "Did aliens replace Snoop with a clone?" Others offered helpful suggestions like, "Try switching to CBD products.” Clearly, the internet wasn't ready for this canna-curveball.

Whether Snoop's decision to put down the joint is a publicity stunt, a lifestyle change, or a ploy to keep us all on our toes, one thing's for sure: the world feels a little less green without Snoop Dogg puffing away. But hey, who knows? Maybe he’s finally taking that well-deserved t-break. All we know is that there is going to be a lot more cannabis for all of us! 

What are your thoughts on this?

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