Origin and Genetics of Rockstar Strain 

Rockstar is a 50/50 hybrid strain, with a rather average THC percentage of 15%- 20%, despite its strong effects. Not to be confused with Rockstar OG or Rockstar Kush (BC Rockstar), the original Rockstar marijuana strain is a cross of Rockbud and Sensi Star. Since it originated, it has been crossed to create many other strains, like Pink Rockstar, Island Rockstar, Tuna Rockstar, and Bubba Rockstar to name a few. 

Rockstar strain has become a favourite among the cannabis community, and a regular participant at various Cannabis Cups- taking 2nd place in the 2012 High Times Cannabis Cup in the Hybrid category. 


Physical Form

Rockstar buds are typically bulky with a light spongy body. The buds become really big and fluffy when grinded, resembling the texture of a cotton ball. A bright, vibrant golf course green colour gives this herb a fresh and vibrant look. Lots of short, wiry, pale orange hairs are intertwined throughout, and a mild dusting of trichomes give it a glowing shine and heavenly aura.


Aroma of Rockstar Strain 

A pungent and spicy aroma fills your nose with intensity when you open a jar of Rockstar- so pungent  your eyes may even water a bit.  Rockstar does have a sweet and earthy undertone, but some people are too bothered by the spicy scent to enjoy the smell. Rockstar is an acquired aroma, if you will.   



The scent of Rockstar carries over to the flavour, but the spiciness is lightened by a sweet, skunky tone and mild lemony finish that will make your tastebuds dance for joy. Along with the fresh herbal undertones, it hits a trifecta of full bodied flavours that is powerful and inviting. It's a beautiful sweet, spicy, and herbal blend.



The initial rush from consuming Rockstar begins with a sense of euphoria that melts any negative feelings away, while simultaneously heightening your awareness. This feeling dissipates rather quickly, however, and is replaced by a warm and relaxing surge that flows through your body. You will feel your muscles begin to loosen from head to toe- almost like a great deep tissue massage, as you sink deeper and deeper into the couch. Soon the munchies kick in and you will tend to eat until you burst, or until you fall asleep- whichever comes first. 


Health Benefits

It has been said that Rockstar strain is very effective at treating mental health conditions and mood disorders, such as stress, depression, anxiety, PTSD, ADD/ADHD, & Bipolar disorder. Reports of it being an aid in gastrointestinal issues have had positive results and it is a favourite for treating muscle spasms & chronic pain. There are also many that swear by Rockstar for those with a lack of appetite and insomnia.