Even if you're not a long-time member of the cannabis community, you've likely heard of 420. This iconic term has become synonymous with cannabis culture and is celebrated globally on April 20th. But there's another cannabis holiday that's been making waves: 7/10. While it hasn't reached the same level of fame as 4/20. 7/10, or "Dab Day," has carved out its niche among cannabis concentrate enthusiasts. Let's dive into the origins, significance, and celebrations of 7/10.

What is 7/10?

7/10, or July 10th, is a special day for fans of cannabis oil products, dabs, and concentrates. If you flip the term "710" upside down, it spells "OIL," which perfectly represents the focus of this holiday on potent cannabis products like hash oil, shatter, and wax. Celebrated both on July 10th and at 7:10 (a.m. or p.m.), 7/10 has grown to become the second-largest cannabis holiday after 4/20. Dispensaries often join the celebration by offering special discounts on concentrate products.

How Did 7/10 Begin?

The origins of 7/10 are somewhat mysterious, with the term first appearing on Urban Dictionary in 2010. It wasn't until 2011 that "710" became associated with cannabis. Some credit TaskRok from Highly Educated for popularizing the term. He mentioned coming up with "710" during a chat with industry peers and even released a rap album titled "The Movement" on July 10, 2011, which included tracks like “Boil That Oil” and “7:10.”

The term gained mainstream traction in 2013 when LA Weekly published an article titled “710 is the new 420,” and the first official 710 celebration, The 710 Cup, was held. Interestingly, the event took place on the weekend of July 12-14 that year since 7/10 fell on a Wednesday.

Where is 7/10 Celebrated?

7/10 is celebrated across the globe through numerous events. Some notable celebrations include Arizona's 710 Degree Cup, Colorado's Kush Masters 710 Celebration, and Oregon's Camp Sesh. These events attract concentrate enthusiasts who come together to celebrate Dab Day in style.

How to Celebrate 7/10

In the early days of cannabis concentrates, celebrating 7/10 required a fair amount of gear. Traditional dabs, such as shatter, are typically consumed using a dab rig, which involves a dab tool, torch or e-nail, and the concentrate itself. Nowadays, with the advent of vape pens and portable dab vapes, enjoying concentrates has become much simpler and more accessible.

Many dispensaries offer discounts on concentrates around 7/10, making it easier for enthusiasts to stock up and celebrate. Social media is also abuzz with more than 10 million posts tagged with #710, #710society, and #710life, showcasing celebratory dabs.

To celebrate 7/10, simply enjoy your preferred concentrate on July 10th, whether it's at 7:10 a.m. or p.m. Grab your dab rig or vape pen, gather your favorite products, and join the community in honoring this unique cannabis holiday.


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