There are plenty of weed stores, dispensaries, and same day weed delivery options in Toronto, On. You can find cannabis stores, mail order, and delivery services in Toronto on Leafythings. You can browse menus of hundreds of Canadian cannabis brands on the platform to find the best weed deals and fastest mail-order and weed delivery options that are close to you. 

Whether you’re shopping for premium AAAA Kush, or more budget-friendly AA buds, there’s a plethora of options for buying weed in Toronto. 

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Dank Delivery

If you’ve ever found yourself asking “Where can I find the best quality weed in Toronto?” than Dank Delivery is your answer.

Not only does Dank Delivery offer some of the best quality edibles in Toronto, they also sell a wide variety of cannabis strains. From AA-Grade $99 ounces of flowers like Girl Scout Cookies and Lemon Kush, to the infamous Jack Herer AAAAA-Grade bud for $300/ ounce (or $15/ gram).

Dank Delivery caters to every price point, and they always pull through with quick and discreet mail-order deliveries.

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Highrollas is an online weed store in Toronto that’s most know for their epic pre-rolls, but they sell a ton of cannabis products, like concentrates and flower.  

Highrollas sells and delivers budget-friendly A-Grade ounces of bud, like the Red Headed Stranger strain, for $99. You can also find several AAA-Grade weed delivery options in Toronto on their website, like their Strawberry Kush and Violator Kush.  

If you spend more than $138 on Highrollas website, you don’t have to pay for shipping. And the best part is it only takes 2-3 days to ship!



THC Collection

THC Collection is an authorized cannabis online dispensary in Toronto that sells everything from concentrates, to edibles, to flower.

THC Collection recently listed a AAAAA-Grade hybrid, indica dominant strain for sale on their website: Island Pink Kush

With THC levels of 25%, Island Pink Kush is for cannabis users with a higher tolerance. If you really want to be knocked off your feet, you need to try their medical grade shatter and resin.

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THC Collection is all about quality bud, so if you prefer hard-hitting strains delivered right to your door,THC Collection’s website should be bookmarked on your computer.