The lounge at Grand Bizarre Supper Club, Toronto Events Centre, is the first of its kind to tackle public health issues in the nightlife industry.

TORONTOAug. 3, 2022 /CNW/ - Leafythings, a leading cannabis directory platform and mobile application,  launched the Cannabis Carnival with Grande Bizarre Supper Club in Toronto, to help foster a safe and responsible cannabis lounge that supports the objectives of the Cannabis Act to protect young persons from accessing cannabis and to protect public health and safety.

Cannabis Carnival has worked to create a first-of-its-kind experiential lounge that provides cannabis smokers a separated area that keeps cannabis smoke away from the larger nightlife and entertainment venue.

The legalization of cannabis allows for cannabis consumption anywhere that tobacco smoking occurs and has led to an increase in exposure to second hand smoke in public areas. The Cannabis Carnival has provided an alternative for legal aged patrons that are forced to smoke on the sidewalk or street, which can be harmful to passerby's and young persons.

Leafythings recognizes that most people do not want to climb past a crowd of smokers in order to enter a bar, restaurant, or venue. Cannabis Carnival provides a safe and responsible area in accordance with the Smoke Free Ontario Act that protects public health and safety by allocating a portion of the property for safe consumption.

Leafythings and Grande Bizarre recently hosted the popular Smokes and Jokes comedy show, a hybrid entertainment that combines cannabis and comedy in a safe, inclusive, social consumption environment. The Smokes and Jokes comedy show brought together some of Toronto's best comedians to the Cannabis Carnival for a night of entertainment.

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Leafythings has partnered with Grand Bizarre to bring educational partners such as the OCS, CannSell, and Mothers Against Drunk Driving. Leafythings and Grand Bizarre are taking a proactive approach to providing education and safe consumption. Cannabis Carnival does not facilitate any sales of Cannabis on the property. A delivery zone exists for delivery drop offs with participating cannabis retailers.

In an interview with CBC News, Grande Bizarre Supper Club owner and hospitality industry veteran Zlatko Starkovski mentioned that "I think cannabis smokers in general need a safe, responsible place to smoke when they go out."

"There are a lot of people smoking at home, in cars and potentially over-consuming so we're taking a proactive approach for cannabis smokers now that it's been legal since 2018."

George Smitherman of the Cannabis Council of Canada remarked, "A sophisticated operator has created, within the regulatory constraints, a safe consumption space for over 19 consumers."

Leafythings is empowered by a mission to help bridge the gap between consumers and businesses while supporting public health initiatives. Leafythings helps consumers find and access quality cannabis products in Canada through highly localized strategies and public education in efforts to collaboratively shatter social equity barriers in the market and improve public perception of the industry.

About Leafythings:

Since 2019, Leafythings has taken a cannabis consumer centric approach to helping Canadians find affordable and quality cannabis anywhere in Canada. Leafythings operates as a web platform, mobile application, and advertising medium. Through a series of event partnerships, advertising initiative, and grassroots marketing programs, Leafythings has developed the largest cannabis consumer database in Canada.

Leafythings is actively working with brands and retailers through partnerships and social initiatives to help drive industry credibility and reinforce the trust between consumers and their cannabis. Leafythings is committed to working with organizations, brands, retailers, and public health officials to create a better cannabis industry.

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