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Welcome to Leafythings, where it’s fast and easy to find the best weed delivery services in Yellowknife. If you’ve tried searching for dispensaries, cannabis shops, and delivery services that may bring fresh bud to your doorstep, you know how challenging and time-consuming it can become. You may miss out on some of the best services offering weed delivery in Yellowknife because they don’t have an online store.

That’s why Leafythings exists. Our goal is to provide up-to-date information about the products sold by a variety of Yellowknife weed delivery services. We can help you compare prices and product availability on one convenient website. Many of our listings also have reviews from previous buyers, so you can read about the experiences of others before buying.

Search Leafythings by location, product, and brand name. Strike out location to find cannabis dispensaries and shops throughout the Northwest Territories or Canada at large. Whether you want same day weed delivery in Yellowknife or you’re wiling to wait for a mail order delivery, we will help you find the best provider for your weed order.

Where Can I Find Weed in Yellowknife?

The number of dispensaries and cannabis shops operating in Yellowknife will hopefully increase in years to come. For now, there are a few reputable options for in-store shopping and pickup orders within city limits. Leafythings will help you keep an eye out for services providing cannabis delivery to Yellowknife residents as well.

Interesting Facts about Yellowknife

It’s possible to view the Northern Lights from some areas of Yellowknife in the colder months. There are tour companies operating in town, leading groups to the best spots for viewing. That makes this small town with fewer than 20,000 residents in 2016 a popular tourist destination for those ready to see the magic of the Aurora Borealis.

How to Order Weed Delivery in Yellowknife

Compare prices and deals on Leafythings. When you settle on one Yellowknife weed delivery service, our listings will provide ordering information. You can then contact that service directly to place your order for marijuana delivery. Yellowknife will hopefully have more delivery options available in the near future. 


How much weed can I possess in Yellowknife?

You can legally posses up to 30 grams of dried marijuana while in public. If an area allows tobacco cigarette smoking, it is likely a legal zone for smoking and vaping cannabis products as well. There are some restricted zones where marijuana use isn’t allowed, so it’s important to know the law in the Northwest Territories

Can you buy shatter in Yellowknife?

It is legal to buy shatter in Yellowknife. You can also buy other types of cannabis concentrates and extracts. The products available for cannabis delivery in Yellowknife may vary, depending on availability and store policies.

Where can I find same day weed delivery in Yellowknife?

Check local dispensaries and weed shops within city limits. If you don’t find what you need there, you may also consider services in surrounding communities that may provide weed delivery to Yellowknife residents. Leafythings is your number one resource for identifying the best weed delivery services in the Yellowknife community.

Are there any late-night dispensaries in Yellowknife?

Most dispensaries in Yellowknife will close before midnight. You can use Leafythings to identify late-night dispensaries in neighbouring communities. Allow us to make your search for high-quality weed faster and easier.